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Jess Kuwaye - Farrier

I learned to ride a horse (Baby Bull) when I was four years old and have been around horses and riding ever since. I have had the opportunity to live in ten different states including Nebraska, California, Oklahoma, Texas, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, Connecticut, and New Hampshire.  Living in these different states has allowed me to experience a lot of different cultures, traditions, people and horses. Of course I enjoy anything that deals with horses, but I also like woodworking and being creative with architecture, drawing and art, which probably explains my Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History.  Along with my creative side, I am also athletically inclined. I was a member of the University of Maryland football team (Go Terps!) so, naturally, football is my favorite sport. I played soccer, baseball, raced BMX bikes, and ran track and field. In BMX racing, I was the Texas State Champion two years in a row and was the fastest 12 year old in the country at the ABA Gold Cup Champions race in 1987.  In high school, I was a four-year letterman in track and field and a three-year letterman in football.  Through my extensive athletic career, I was taught to be competitive and disciplined. Before becoming a farrier, I was in the retail loss prevention industry for approximately nine years. Five of those years were spent as a District Manager for a major retailer. Through this experience, I have been exposed to the intricacies of the business world, learning what it takes to be profitable and, most importantly, what is required in providing great customer service.  How does all this apply to being your farrier?  Being business-minded, competitive, disciplined and artistic helped me in graduating at the top of my class from the Oklahoma State Horseshoeing School.  My time spent in Oklahoma was packed with a tremendous amount of experience, both personal and educational.  Although going to a farrier school comprised just a short time in my life, my education continues as I attend seminars, lectures and conventions on a regular basis. As the industry is consistently changing and the techniques are being refined and improved, one could spend a lifetime learning and still have just scratched the surface of the amount of knowledge to be obtained as a farrier. 

I have had some very interesting experiences as a farrier.  I have had the opportunity to work on what was once the tallest horse in the world (according to the Guinness Book of World Records), Remington, and the former AQHA world champion reining horse, Texas Kicker.  I have also worked on horses at top ranches in the country, including Stuart Ranch (ranked in the top 15 of horse ranches by Western Horseman magazine), Jud Little Ranch and Pieper Ranch.  I also had the opportunity to shoe for America’s Most Trusted Horseman, John Lyons, as well as, work/shoe extensively with Josh Lyons and the Lyons Legacy program. 

Because of all of my experiences, my passion for learning, and my love for horses, you can be assured that I provide nothing but professional craftsmanship, reliability and punctuality, excellent horsemanship, and clean and courteous service.

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