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Thunder K Enterprises uses and recommends Kent/Blue Seal's Sentinel LS Performance and LT Life Time.  This feed is manufactured through the extrusion process, which makes this feed 90-95% digestible, ensureing that your horse is getting the optimal nutrion it needs to perform by feeding less while delivering more of what your horse needs.   Both the LS and LT are folumated with low starch and sugar ingredients.  Combine that with being highly digestable, minimizes the risks of laminits, founder, and other metabolic issues associated with these undigested ingredients.   Better hair coat, better muscle developement, better trainability, better hoof quality, better brain and visual support, and better joint health. This feed gives our equine athletes the edge to out perform the competion in the show pen and on the trails! 

Stop by Blue Seal in Bow, New Hampshire or your nearest Kent/Blue Seal location, or click the links below and ask how Sentinel can improve your nutrion program. 

Blue Seal

Sentinel LS Performance


Team Equine Saddle Pads have pad options to fit every type of horse and provide exceptional fit, protection, and performance.  Team Equine saddle pads are handcrafted in the USA and are made of top quality materials that hold up to our demands.  We endorce and recommend these pads for everyday use, on the trail, and in the show pen.

Team Equine

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