My goal is to provide you and your horse the quality and service that you expect and deserve.

   At every appointment I strive to provide: 

- Professional Craftsmanship

- Reliability and Punctuality

- Excellent Horsemanship

- Clean and Courteous Service

Specializing In:

- Competitive Reining Horses.

- Laminitis and Founder cases.

- Corrective shoes for injuries and conformation issues.

Ask the farrier video series

How to clean and treat Deep Sulcus Thrush?

How do you shoe a horse with flat feet?

Ask me any question about hoof care and I'll respond with a video!

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Reining horses are trained to slide to a stop and to roll back over their hocks and spin.  The purpose of horseshoes is to provide protection, support, and traction for the horse.  When shoeing reining horses, we provide the protection and support, but reduce the traction in the hind end to help the horses slide like a pair of skies.  Shoeing competitive reining horses is a passion for me because it’s an art and a science. An art because it takes skill in working with metals to make shoes and shape them to the foot which has been correctly balanced.  A science, because you need to have a sound knowledge of anatomy and function of the foot, along with knowing a horse’s conformation to provide support so it can achieve maximum distance in its slide.

Texas Kicker


Pieper Ranch in Marietta, Oklahoma, home of the late Texas Kicker, The AQHA World Champion Junior Reining Horse and the Reining Reserve Champion as a 4 year old.    


During a visit to Oklahoma, Brenda Pieper gave me the honor of working on Tex.  This million dollar stallion was a pleasure to work with and gave me an experience of a lifetime!

Lyons Legacy


It was an honor being the Farrier for Lyons Legacy and their performance horse program which consisted of many of the top futurity and derby reining horses in the country.  I was also able to shoe for America's Most Trusted Horseman, John Lyons at The Dream Ranch in Parachute, Colorado. 

Cross Plains, TN


I broke the heel of John's anvil!!


John driving us around Parachute and showing us the sites.

Chronic Founder

Under Contruction